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Bags of Timothy Rich Hay

(These are Jasper & Jade, who's story is told in the current issue of "Pet Pattern".
Jasper especially was an extremely good model and sat excellently even for the photos we took outside!  Needless to say that she was "paid" in the currency right for her - hay & willow toys!)

Please e-mail us directly to order your bunny toys:

Our range of rabbit toys (which are also a hit with other pets like guinea pigs, chinchillas and
cage birds) started of as a favour, but has proven popular beyond our expectations.

If you have seen our willow pages, you will know that we grow far in excess of 200 different types of willow.
However, not all of these would be suitable for rabbit toys and and we take great care
only to select types of willow with low salicin levels for our toys to avoid stomach upsets.

The willows have been grown without the use of pesticides, unless indicated otherwise.

Harvey and his Willow Ball


We offer balls made from unpeeled
willow in 2 different sizes:

"Small" :         up to 15cm / 6" diameter       £5.41
"Medium":     15-20cm / 6-8" diameter         £6.78

Mini Willow Ball


Made from "buff" willow (boiled & peeled).
These are made from bought-in willow, which is likely to have been treated during it's growth.
Due to the amount of tannin out of the bark that has accumulated in it during the boiling
process, they are less likely to be chewed though.

These balls have larger gaps than the normal balls
and are therefore more suitable to be filled with hay -
providing nutrition and entertainment at the same time.

Hayball "Medium":     £6.78

Willow Hay Ball

Timothy Hay Page


SORRY - No longer available
Venus made sure nobody could get hold of her sample box of Timothy Rich Hay


Made from unpeeled willow.
25cm / 10 " in diameter.

Tunnel large:         £ 19.95

Tunnels of other sizes can be made to order.
Please enquire about the price.

willow tunnel


Great fun to look at and to play in !

Made from unpeeled willow.

Please note that the photos show the smaller size, which we used to stock. Large:         £ 30.95

Willow Tepee

Willow Chewsticks


The healthy treat to keep incisors down (and to hopefully
prevent your furniture from being chewed).
5 Sticks 20cm / 8" long   £1.45

Timothy Bunny Heaven

GYO (Grow your own) - TIMOTHY

Turn a bit of your garden into bunny heaven by planting up a patch
with Timothy Grass.
Timothy is a very fibrous, sweet tasting grass - a real delicacy in rabbits eyes!
(Please note that, although it would be possible to grow Timothy to a certain height
indoors, you would get a much softer grass with less abrasive qualities.)

SORRY - No longer available


For rolling, chucking around, nibbling at....

These are small bundles of fun for every bunny!

Bunny Rolls:   around 20 cm / 8" long   £3.19
Willow Rolls for a great rabbit fun experience


Made from "buff" willow (see hay balls).

This hayrack holds a generous amount of hay
- enough for a whole day even for a large bunny!
Comes with two leather straps.
Not recommended for outdoor use.
Outer dimensions: 12 x 8 inches / 30 x 20 cm

Large Hayrack: £ 21.54

Large Rabbit Hayrack

Miniature Hayrack


Buff willow. Attaches to cage with included leather strap.
Openings on top and bottom allow easy access to hay at different heights.
Not suitable for outdoor use.
Size: around 20 x 8 cm / 8 x 3 inches.
For chinchillas, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.

£ 5.08


Buff willow.
Freestanding with convex floor to allow hay to move to the outside.
With a woven lip at the base,
making it harder for bunny to throw it around!
Not suitable for outdoor use.

Height: 18cm / 7 "
Diameter: 33 cm / 13 "

£ 25.75

The advanced Round Feeder designed to store plenty of hay

            THE MOUNT / WOBBLE           

The Mount providing a viewing platform
The Mount providing a vantage point


Made from buff willow.

Let your bunny have fun on the Wobble!
Waahhheyyy - have fun on the wobble!

The prototype of the wobble went to Bobtails Rescue in Surrey,
who came back with enthusiatic report how their bunnies had enjoyed playing with it.

We recommend you introduce it to your bunsters with the tip pointing upwards first,
providing a gentle mount to survey their surroundings.
The fun really begins, when you turn it round - now it will wobble everytime they jump on it.
(You can restrict the wobbling initially by curling a towel underneath the outside, to make it less scary.)

Soon your bunnies will turn into Grandmasters of Fun and Wobble!

Mount / Wobble: (Diameter: around 35 cm / 14 inches)        £ 15.75

Chinchilla Chips - Small Bag and Bumper Pack


Nibbly Willow Slices for Chinchillas

Made from unpeeled willow, dried.

The Bumper Pack weighs
around 500 grams,
containing in the region of around 125 pieces.

Bumper Pack:         £ 6.84

Arthur enjoys a nibble of his Chilla Chips willow slices

Dried leaves and stalks of Ribworth plantain (Plantago lanceolatum).
Block-bottom bag with around 50 grams (equivalent to appr. 250g of fresh plant):               SORRY - No longer available   


Postage cost is depending on weight of order.
Please consult the shipping cost guide at the bottom of the order form to get an idea of postage & packaging.
Payment by either PayPal, Bank transfer or cheque AFTER we have confirmed the availability of your order.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery

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