Buttercup in her tunnel made out of buff willow



Yes, it was your parcel, and what a delight it was.
I never imagined the hay ball would be quite as big - and packed with hay too!
Twink was chewing at the small ball and I've put the chew sticks around the place
in her play area and hutch because the vet said she's got the start of spurs on her
left molars and hopefully something like this might just sort it out .

H. L. & Twink

The parcel has just arrived, thank you so much the toys a fantastic.
I think they will have a blast with those.

D. A., Elmo (Wow new toys!!) and Digby (Mine Mine...me first!!)

The balls are wonderful.
So far the interest factor is highest in the Chinchillas.
The bunnies LOVE their tunnels! They are both enjoying digging hay out of them, as well as nibbling on them, and running through them.
Nutmeg is using it as his new favourite hiding spot when something startles him. So a highly successful present! thanks for all your effort on their behalf.

J. G.

Nutmeg, well hidden
Bramble & her medium size ball
Nutmeg in his 10in diameter tunnel
The toys have arrived - I have just given Snoopy his tunnel and he's currently sat inside it looking very cute. Bobble has one of the balls and she's flinging it around her cage - so I think you have two more happy customers!
E. M.

The willow ball arrived on Saturday, and Flopsy loves it!! Thanks also for sending the chew sticks, they will keep them occupied in their cage during the day. I was surprised how large the ball was, it will take the bunnies ages to chew their way through that.
J. Mc I., Holland

My three bunnies love the willow tunnel
K. S. & Amber, Hazel, Jack, Millie & Megan

Thank you so very much for the lovely willow ball. The buns are really enjoying them.
Patrick is the most forward of the three and he is really munching away on the hay
and nosing the ball. I think that it is a hit!

I was roaring laughing yesterday as Harvey & Patrick were both at the big ball.
Patrick gave a big tug at a piece of hay in it and the ball flew up and landed on Harvey!
They are having such fun with it.
I will be getting more photos of the buns with the tunnel
because I was in fits laughing at them.
Harvey was inside immediately.
Patrick was trying to get in and was giving Harvey
the heave-ho up the bum when Alice decided that she would eat it from the top.
She stood up against it and it rolled - with the other two inside!!!!

I wish you could have seen them!

C.-A. J. & Harvey, Patrick & Alice

Harvey binkied all over the lounge!
Billy (standard tunnel)

The other reason for my mail is, I would like to order four willow balls. My lot fight over the one you sent me!

...I think I am the one who bought the remaining willow toys - sorry. Just hold tight until the next harvest as they really are the best. My bunnies and piggies love them and I feel a lot happier knowing they are chewing their way through natural untreated willow.

The favourite amongst my gang is the largest ball (it's huge) - we fill it with hay and the pigs get inside and have hours of fun munching the hay and rolling around in the ball with the buns chasing after them! The willow tunnels are also a big hit :o)

C. G., Joey & Billy

Your little balls came today:)
The rabbits adore them! They usually hate toys and I gave them the balls
and they were rolling them and chewing them like mad:)

...Could you please send me another willow tunnel?
Cassie got into the lounge and destroyed the one you sent me -
the bunnies are upset as it was their favorite thing - please please please please!!

L. C.

PS: I never thought I would suffer a willow tunnel crisis....


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