Timothy enjoyed by Jasper
Our early Timothy Hay bags,
modelled by Jasper Hickerman




@ West Wales Willows

Why Is Hay So Important?

Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas need to chew for long periods every day to allow their continuously growing cheek teeth to be worn down and to prevent spurs forming, which could cut into their cheeks and tongue.

When a rabbit is eating grass or hay, it chews in a sideways movement, wearing the teeth surfaces eavenly down.
Concentrates in contrast are chewed in a up-and-down motion, which does not result in sufficient wear.
This is the reason why a main part of their diet should consist of hay and grass.

Timothy Grass
Studies have shown that rabbits with access to hay show less abnormal behaviour like fur licking and bar biting and are more active.
The provision of loose hay also reduces the amount of hair in the stomach and the danger of forming large fur balls, therefore aiding the digestive system

Why Is Timothy So Good For My Pet (And Me)?

The healthiest hay for a bunny, guinea pig or chinchilla is a hay that is high in fibre (benefiting digestion and tooth wear), low in energy and, in many cases, low in calcium.
Timothy, especially a 1st cut, meets those demands.
It has a high stem to leaf ration, providing lots of fibre to chew on. It also has low dust levels, making it easier for pets (and owners) with respiratory problems.
Timothy is not widely grown any more in this country, since the higher yielding rye grasses have come in favour.
These are fine for cattle and horses, which have a higher energy and protein needs, but are too rich for our small furries.
timothy bagged up

How long will the hay keep?

Properly stored (dry, airy and away from direct sun light) hay will keep easily for a year and longer,
but will eventually lose some nutrients .

So will my pet eat it?

The general feedback that we have from our customers is that their pets absolutely LOVE Timothy hay and are our now eating a much larger amount of hay then previously!

Considering that most small furries usually don't eat enough fibre, this is simply fabulous!

The rabbit in the picture above is Jasper, who goes on holidays with her owner in the caravan. 
They were in Pembrokeshire for two consecutive years and as Jasper is a very laid-back rabbit,
she was very happy to sit and model our hay and the toys in the open field! 
(Something that with other rabbits might have involved hours of trying to get them to sit and to get them back!)

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